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About Us

The Z1 Off-Road Story


Z1 Off-Road was born from the same core group of Nissan enthusiasts that made Z1 Motorsports what it is today. As experts in Nissan & Infiniti vehicles, performance, and tuning Z1 was able to focus those strengths to serve the truck & SUV market.

Located west of Atlanta, Z1 serves customers from around the globe from online parts sales to in-house performance builds and tuning. Officially launched in 2019 with the SEMA Titan Dually Build, Z1 Off-Road has continued to grow their catalog with dedicated support for Nissan Titan, Frontier, Xterra and Pathfinder. The catalog has continued to grow with support for Nissan Armada in 2020 & Infiniti QX56 / QX80 in 2021.

While Z1 Off-Road is a new division dedicated to specialty support, operations benefit from over 20 years of business development & the greater Z1 stocking & logistics strengths. Z1’s goal is to fill orders with accuracy & the shortest lead time in the segment.

Known for a robust and competitive product line of its own, Z1 Motorsports shares design & engineering resources with the Z1 Off-Road team. With a direct-to-consumer model, it is Z1’s goal to bring the ultimate product offerings at the best value to clients, with no distributor or middleman to mark the parts up additionally. Z1 Off-Road provides customers with exceptional products and expert support.

In true Z1 fashion, the Z1 Off-Road Team all prove to be afflicted with the enthusiast bug just like you; you will find everything from modified and tuned Titans to lifted Frontiers, Xterras & QX56s. Whether it’s trail riding, towing, or the daily commute, Z1 Off-Road’s team does in-depth testing so you know what to expect before investing in a product.

Z1 Off-Road provides expert advice, affordable parts and service, and intelligent performance upgrades and installation. Z1 Off-Road takes pride in their work and is grateful to customers for the opportunity to serve them.