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Dyno and Tuning Services

Z1 Off-Road uses an in-ground Dyno-Jet 224X to provide an accurate measurement of your trucks power and torque at the wheels. Baseline runs are perfect for determining your vehicles starting point before you begin with any modifications. Once you have your baseline power and torque numbers you can get an accurate measurement of the gains from installing basic modifications like a cold air intake or high flow exhaust.

A full dyno tuning session is essential after major modifications such as a Nitrous install, a supercharger, fuel system upgrades, or any engine management upgrades. Z1 Motorsports specializes in Uprev Osiris for most Nissan trucks & SUV and Haltech tuning for all models.

All dyno tuning services are by appointment only. Call 678-839-8019 to schedule your tuning appointment. Prior to scheduling your appointment, it is necessary to verify if your ecu is supported for tuning or not. Email [email protected] with your VIN, and our team will perform an ECU lookup to confirm if your vehicle is supported or not.